Sister Felshaw

Sister Felshaw


M. T. C.:
Sister Sasha Felshaw
2007 N 900 East Unit 70
Provo, UT 84602


Tennessee Address:
Sister Sasha Felshaw
Tennessee Nashville Mission
105 Westpark Dr Ste 190
Brentwood, TN 37027

Monday, March 23, 2015


I am  on the airplane to Tennessee right now!  It is not real yet.  I said goodbye to Sister Murakane last night and that was REALLY hard.  We both cried a lot.  She was my best friend in the M.T.C. We were seriously like sisters.  But I am SO thankful that I was able to meet so many people at the M.T.C. that made saying goodbye hard!  I loved the M.T.C. so much.  It has changed my life.  I learned so much!  I grew a lot.  I gained some pounds as well.  My skirts have trouble zipping big deal.

We got to watch "Meet the Mormons" last night, which was fun.  Sunday night devotionals are always the best, too!  The man who was speaking had the whole first row come up and say what they were sacrificing to be on a mission.  Most talked about family , sports, school, family, and more family.  One Elder said surfing.  He was from Australia and by his accent you sure could tell!  You could literally see all of the Sisters fall in love when he introduced himself.  Another missionary said he sacrificed the relationship with his girlfriend.  The speaker had everyone stand up who had already been "Dear Johned" or "Dear Janed".  There were about six people who had.  It was so sad!  Most had only been out a week!

Mission goggles are a real thing.  The Elders I would NEVER find attractive in real life are pretty good looking now.  And the Elders who have been in the M.T.C. for around 9 weeks find me somewhat decent so I know they are struggling with it.  I heard some Elders talking about how hot the Mia Maids would be when they got back. Haha!

I don't know if I already told you, but I had a M.T.C. stalker.  He left me cards, notes, letters in or on my stuff all the time.  I don't even know how.  I've spoken to him once.  It is nice, though.  My talk in church went horrible yesterday.  I compared everyone to my was just yeah.  Everyone else did great, though!

I am sitting next to an Elder who is going to Nashville as well, but he is Spanish speaking.  It is really cool to be able to talk to him and see the differences in M.T.C. experiences.  Well, I love this gospel!  I love you so much.  Miss and pray about you!
Love, Sister Felshaw

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