Sister Felshaw

Sister Felshaw


M. T. C.:
Sister Sasha Felshaw
2007 N 900 East Unit 70
Provo, UT 84602


Tennessee Address:
Sister Sasha Felshaw
Tennessee Nashville Mission
105 Westpark Dr Ste 190
Brentwood, TN 37027

Saturday, March 21, 2015


So the Sisters in my District are:  Sister Heslop (my companion), Sister Murakane & Sister Linsangan (they are companions).

And the Elders in my District are:  Elder Sykes & Elder Zuniga (companions) and Elder Crawford & Elder Huber (companions)
They are cool.  My companion, Sister Heslop, plays the flute and is also very innocent.  One day I asked her if she has ever done anything wrong.  Her response, "I snuck food into the movie theater once."  Seriously!  She was serious.  She makes me feel like I was sinning over things that I don't even think could be sins.  Sister Murakane is so friendly.  She has the Hawaiian spirit about her.  We get along very well!  Sister Linsangan is soooo smart and absorbs the gospel and scriptures with no problem!

Elder Sykes is like the best guy ever.  He is chill about everything and so smart.  He teaches me something every time that I talk to him.  He is my favorite role play partner, too.  Elder Zuniga is quiet but brilliant.  He is the best at impersonations, especially girl ones.  And he is funny.  Elder Crawford has actually been in the MTC before.  Last year he came and trained then went home to clear things up.  Now he is back..  He is like the class clown.  Elder Huber is this quiet farm boy.  He is a hard worker.

So yep.  That is my district.  I love them.  I am sad/excited to get a new one in just a few days!  It is SO crazy that I am done at the MTC.  It has gone by WAY too extremely fast!  I try to make time to write but there hardly is tie to even learn! Anyways, we taught Olivia, Joe, and a new investigator yesterday!  We have already invited  Joe to baptism.  He was eager and said yes.  Yesterday we invited Olivia and she said she will when she is more sure.  Christina (new investigator) was the best lesson we have ever taught.  We taught about the atonement and the Spriit was so strong!  We are about to skype a member.  It is always weird doing that.  Last time, the kids just cried in front of the camera the wole time.  We teach Olivia today a little later.  We pack and do laundry today as well!  I love the MTC.  It is the best experience of my life.  I LOVE YOU.  I love my Savior and his gospel.  Miss you always!

Love, Sister Felshaw


I don't think I will be able to call you on Monday but we depart at like 3 am. We get to pack and do laundry for a couple hours right now so I just thought I would say hi while I have time! I sent you some letters but you probably won't get them until next week!


I LOVE YOU, MOMMA. This is my last email from the MTC.

your favorite daughter
Sista Felshaw

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